Full Service General Contracting

Working directly with the building owner and design team to bring a construction project to completion.

The general contractor (CG) on a project is responsible for overseeing the construction job site’s day-to-day functions, effectively communicating with the project team, managing subcontractors, and budget compliance throughout the course of a construction project.

A general contractor’s primary priority is safely leading a construction site to successful project completion. Doing so is dependent upon the general contractor’s ability to:

  1. Understand and meet client goals
  2. Manage subcontractors
  3. Effectively communicate with project teams
  4. Seamlessly turn the building over to the client

As a licensed GC, The Ransomed Group will manage your construction project from beginning to end. We will acquire all materials and equipment, hire and oversee all subcontractors, maintain communication with the owner, comply with all local codes, and adhere to budget and scheduling requirements.

Subcontractor Services

Catering to our clients’ desires to self-perform many trades as necessary.

Unlike some of our other competitors, The Ransomed Group’s in-house team can offer your project a competitive price that go beyond the general contracting work. Some of the trades that we are able to self-perform include:

  1. Site Work
  2. Heavy Civil
  3. Concrete
  4. Building Foundations
  5. Hardscapes
  6. Light gauge metal framing
  7. Drywall
  8. Paint
  9. Flooring

Let our team take care of some of these other facets that come with a construction project. Together, we can walk through your project step-by-step to deliver the best foundation and planning to ensure a successful construction.

Procurement Services

Acquiring materials and/or services at competitive pricing.

Your choice of companies to engage in a procurement process is vital to the success of your construction project. The Ransomed Group has developed meaningful and unique procurement relationships and pricing models with suppliers across the market for both construction services and materials.

From Electrical Supplies to Office Furniture, we have the industry network to fulfil your supply needs with the best quality products and services available.

Construction Management

An alternative to the General Contractor model.

Some owners prefer not to engage in a bid process with a General Contractor in a supplier-vendor relationship. Instead, those owners will hire a Construction Manager on a fixed fee basis to act in more of a collaborative capacity while also managing the construction process from pre-construction to final delivery. The construction manager will most often provide input from the design phase and will work to ensure that the project is feasible from both a financial and practical standpoint.

The Ransomed Group would be honored to engage with you in the capacity of a Construction Management firm for your concept.

Interior Design

Creating a space that is both functional and comfortable.

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of designing a space to have the perfect blend of functionality while also being aesthetically beautiful? The Ransomed Group has you covered there, too! Having a keen eye for design and a high attention to detail drives our team to

create a space that our clients will feel at home in. There is no request too specific for our designers, who will work with you to perfectly match your style!

Let us help you design a space where you can be your most comfortable and efficient!

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